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L’Assurance CSS désormais équipée de la technologie FusionServer de Huawei

After a competitive field test, this cost effective and high performance solution from Huawei allows CSS to enlarge its high-end storage environment and gain massive business advantages.

CSS Assurance (abréviation de Chrétienne sociale suisse Assurance) est une compagnie d'assurance suisse, fondée en 1899 à Saint-Gall.

CSS Insurance is one of the largest healthcare insurers in Switzerland. It operates 120 agencies across the country, employs more than 2,500 people and serves over 1.75 million customers. As Switzerland has the second largest healthcare insurance market in the world in terms of expenditure per capita, CSS Insurance stays at the top by being effective and innovative.

The Swiss market is divided in two submarkets, a mandatory basic health insurance market and an optional private health insurance market. In the mandatory market, CSS Insurance can only grow by gaining customers from competitors. Therefore best price and speed to market are both key. On the other hand, in the private health insurance market, it must offer quality of service and a broad range of offerings.

CSS wants ICT to be a business enabler with an active value contribution to business performance. This is important as technology innovations can have a huge impact on the business model of an insurance company. Couple this with the fact that CSS Insurance has 200 developers working on data mining and deep analysis every day, and it becomes clear that the IT department must proactively invest in new technologies.

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