Managed Services

SaaS – Security as a Service

In order to increase the security of companies against viruses and other harmful software, we offer a security service in the area of email and Internet websites.

E-Mail Security Service

The e-mail security service from our data center is based on the high quality standard of Cisco Ironport solution. Through this system, e-mails are firstly examined and cleared of possible malware. Only after examination has completed these e-mails will be forwarded. Additionally, this solution provides a very effective protection against spam mail.

Web Security Service

Browsing in the Internet implies a high risk to download malware, trojans etc. It happens quite often that a “clean” e-mail contains an Internet-link to be accessed. Most of the time, this internet link leads to an insecure website which forces an install of malware on the client.

Anti-viruses or e-mail protection software are not always able to detect such malicious software. This is where our Web Security Service hooks in. This proxy service is based on a “Websense Cloud Security” product.

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