IT Infrastructure

Optimize your IT infrastructure in your data center

Consolidate, reduce costs, automate and move complete applications or data from one physical system or location to another.

With our virtualization solutions, we build a virtual data center which you can operate in your own data center (private cloud) and connect to a public data center (public cloud). This allows you to take full advantage of the virtualization and cloud infrastructure, enabling you to work faster, more flexibly and more efficiently than before.

The economic environment requires companies and businesses to be able to flexibly increase their quality standards, while the needs of users rapidly change. In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the IT of a company must therefore continuously improve the quality of its services and provide these flexibly and quickly.

VMware’s management solutions for virtual and physical infrastructure enables you to actively manage your virtualized IT infrastructure and identify potential problems early enough to resolve them proactively instead of just respond to outages. In addition, you can optimize the utilization of all resources, invest purposefully in your IT and charge the IT costs based on their origin.

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