Pure Storage Partner

Infoniqa is certified Partner of Pure Storage in Switzerland

Pure Storage was the first vendor to successfully launch an all flash enterprise storage array at a lower price than traditional performance disk solutions. Infoniqa is introducing Pure Storage, the Californian all flash pioneer, to its solution offering. With this partnership, Infoniqa will be able to further round out its offering and offer its customers a further solution in this area.

Say no to complete replacement

In recent decades, having your own storage infrastructure has always been associated with a recurring cycle of mandatory maintenance measures, the purchase of new expensive arrays, risky data migration processes and resource-intensive planning. This exchange entails risks and costs and wastes resources because the IT budget is spent on operating the infrastructure and not on innovation. Don't you think it's time to use resources for innovation instead of planning maintenance? Yes? Then get to know Pure Storage. Pure has developed a completely new model for storage landscapes, the Evergreen Storage.

Evergreen Storage: Storage that always stays young

With Evergreen Storage, you can deploy a storage environment once and over time, with no downtime, no performance degradation, and no data migration, to upgrade capacity, density, performance, or features as needed. Imagine that this environment would work for 10 years or longer. That's Evergreen Storage from Pure.

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