Cloudian Integration Partner

Infoniqa is integration partner of the object storage specialist Cloudian in Switzerland

Founded in 2011, Cloudian, with almost 200 employees, is one of the rising stars in the storage business today. Cloudian's focus is on data in companies that do not need to be accessed very often, but which can accumulate in large quantities, such as long-term archives or data from the Internet of Things. In addition to the cloud and tapes, hard disk-based storage systems continue to dominate here.

The «Public Cloud» as an «On-Premise» variant in your data center

Public cloud storage offers simplicity and scalability. But what about the data that must not get into the cloud? Cloudian offers a simple solution for this data: private object storage in your data center, or in the cloud.

Good reasons for a hybrid cloud storage in your own data center are:

  • Security, governance and compliance policies
  • Diverse requirements - one object memory
  • Only 100% native Amazon S3 interface
  • Unlimited scalability to handle enormous amounts of data
  • Up to 70% lower cost compared to traditional backup appliances

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